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Working directly with business of all sizes and Benefit Providers, we help business motivate, attract, and retain employees & customers with market-leading Cycling & Motoring Employee Benefits and solutions.

Halfords for Business, part of the Halfords Group, deliver services and products through our own network of 1200 stores, garages & mobile expert vans nationwide.

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Cycle2work is the smartest way to improve your employees’ health and financial wellbeing – best of all your business saves too.

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Our Car Maintenance salary sacrifice makes motoring safer and maintaining a car more affordable for your employees and their families.

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Motivate and reward your employees and customers with gifts that support and inspire their journeys.

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Access an impressive selection of over 10,000 motoring, trade and cycling product lines – including Halfords’ exclusive products!

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HALFORDSJO • 6 June 2022

Supporting a safe return to the office for your staff

Employees returning to the post-pandemic workplace can benefit from incentives that promote safe and sustainable travel. By offering staff access to travel solutions such as hassle-free car servicing and Cycle2Work schemes, companies can boost their reputation, increase staff retention and improve staff satisfaction.

HALFORDSJO • 3 June 2022

How sustainable travel schemes can cut commuting costs

Commuting costs are higher than ever before, and businesses must act. Sustainable travel promotions, including salary sacrifice schemes, can save your employees thousands of pounds each year, but many companies aren’t taking advantage of them.

HALFORDSJO • 1 June 2022

Why internal communication is critical in the cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is hitting us all – and hard – say experts, with fuel and food prices higher than ever. As inflation is forecast to hit 10%, three-quarters of Britons are looking to change jobs seeking bigger pay packets and better benefits to help them deal with price rises.